The Show “The story of the red river” is coming next 15 June

“The story of the red river” staged by is something that has new features compared to other theater plays that are being urgently rehearsed to be released at the end of July to the capital’s audience. We invite you to watch the tour of this play at the Youth Theater (No. 7 Ngo Thuy Du Street). One night only on June 15

– The reason newsexclusive called this play “The Story of the Red River” is an operetta, which means the theater is a bit loud, actually it is a themed music program made in a new format. Other shows often take the name of a theme and then combine old songs into one program, including live shows. And “The Story of the Red River” is a completely new program with new songs, new dances told in a new structure.

The motherland river here has sunshine, rain, storms, and human love. The simple story is that the sky is blue when the storm comes and how people living on the river react to the storm…

What “new dishes” does this musical have and who created it, sir?

– “The story of the red river” is about 145 minutes long, with a structure of about 10 songs and 3 dances. Dance “Dien Hong”, “Moon in the banana garden”, “Horses from afar”. As for the remaining 10 songs, 5 songs have been completed, namely “Silkworm Eye”, “Puzzle” by musician Trong Dai, “Red River”, “Ben with river” by musician Nguyen Cuong, “Old Love” by composer Nguyen Cuong. Luu Ha An, “River of Love” by Giang Son and songs by Le Minh Son, Minh Dao… are in the process of being completed. Some of the songs are done and are being arranged to prepare with the orchestra.

Actors with singers Tung Duong (as the youngest prince), Tan Minh (as the king), Thanh Thanh Hien, Khanh Linh, Lo Thuy as the queen, Hoang Bach (as the prince)… The actor is a regular singer of Thang Long Music and Dance Theater, except for two guests, singer Tung Duong and actress Thu Huyen – Hanoi Cheo Theater as the narrator.

Every time in Vietnam or following the reverse process, there is a script, a broken table, and then looking for the general director. And this time, following the favorable process, there is a general director, then the script (I wrote it this time) and choose actors for the script…

I am in the name of the general director this time because I want to be responsible, not because the name of artist Hoang Ha Tung is well known to everyone. I want to do another position, my own game, without time pressure.

“The story of the red river” will be staged for 2 months. Dance performances are being staged, singers are practicing. Mid-July is a gathering of artists combined with sound and light. The program will take place on the night of July 29 and 30 at the Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace.

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