Hot show of this month: The Opera “Die Flereours”

Surely classical music lovers among us are no strangers to the Opera “Die Flereours” which was first performed in Vienna in 1784 and has since become a beloved musical. liked all over the world. During this 2017-2018 season, the musical was performed in Australia, Great Britain, the United States, Japan, France, Austria and Germany. In Ho Chi Minh City, for the first time this summer: The musical will be performed by the Ho Chi Minh City Symphony and Ballet Theater with the support of the Goethe-Institut.

The play “Die Flereours” is famous for its captivating waltz music as well as the dramatic plot that revolves around a wealthy patron’s lavish ball.

The story revolves around Doctor Falke’s revenge plan with a friend. He invites guests to a ball, the attendees will wear masks and change their names. Thus began the mischievous game of confusing everyone. A maid turns into an actress, a prison director becomes a marquis, a married man flirts with his own wife. Champagne and music complete the rest of the play. It was not until early the next morning that all confusion was cleared up and everyone agreed that the fault was champagne.
The musical, which resembles TV series, is humorous and entertaining, talking about the back of people in society and showing the scams, conspiracies, and betrayals that come with it. winks and a little joke. Just like the city of Vienna in the early days, Ho Chi Minh City today is a vibrant city that is expanding, the vibrant energy of the musical “Bat” is as if it was created specifically. for this City.

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, the Ho Chi Minh City Symphony and Ballet Theater would like to introduce the musical “Die Flereours” directed by director David Hermann of the German Opera House and choir by Tran Nhat Minh. , conductor Askan Siegfried Geisler of the Revier Musical Theater of the Gelsenkirchen region and Tran Nhat Minh (performing Monday night). Thurid Peine stage decoration. Performance costumes are made by Vietnamese fashion designer Quynh Paris.

In 2014, this working group staged the play ‘The Magic Flute’ with the Ho Chi Minh City Symphony and Ballet Theatre. In 2016, when he returned to perform, this play was performed entirely by Vietnamese artists. The musical is sung in German. This is a big step forward for the symphony orchestra and musical of the Ho Chi Minh City Symphony and Ballet Theatre. The Goethe-Institut supports singers by organizing German courses and German pronunciation sessions. The Institute has also invited directors and conductors to Vietnam for rehearsals.

The result of these collaborations is the new production “Die Flereours“: Symphony Orchestra, Choir, Ballet Team and Soloists, Soloists of the Municipal Opera and Ballet Symphony Orchestra Ho Chi Minh worked for 6 weeks with director David Hermann and conductor Askan Geisler to produce the musical. The choir is integrated with the best voices of the Ho Chi Minh City Symphony and Ballet Theater, including tenor Pham Trang who studied in Germany, soprano Cho He. Hae Ryong, as well as the young male vocalist Dao Mac, once sang the role of Papageno to win the hearts of others in the musical “The Magic Flute”.

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