Hot show for this October 2021: The opera “Cyrano de Bergerac” in collaboration with the French Cultural Center – L’Espace presents the premiere of the French classic drama on the big screen called Cyrano de Bergerac by playwright Edmond Rostand, choreographed by Denis Podalydès, with the cast. from France’s most famous drama theater La Comédie-Française at 19:00, Saturday, 7-10, at 24 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

La Comédie-Française Theater is one of the most famous drama theaters in France. Founded in 1680 by the famous “Sun” king Louis XIV, Comédie-Française is also known as the “House of Molière” – in memory of the father of dramatic art.

For all generations of musical audiences, being able to set foot in the Comédie-Française theater to enjoy the most classic plays is a truly unforgettable experience. In order to bring the plays at the theater to a large audience, the project of live recording and the premiere of the works on the big screen has been carried out and Cyrano de Bergerac will be the closing act for the first season. first.

Cyrano de Bergerac tells the story of a love triangle between Cyrano, the beautiful Roxane (who is also Cyrano’s cousin) and Christian de Neuvillette. The story begins with the poet, the talented swordsman Cyrano, passionately in love with Roxane but has low self-esteem because of his oversized nose. When mocked by Valvet, son of Count Guiche, who was betrothed to Roxane for his ugly appearance, the poet Cyrano responded with verse before letting him fall under his sword. me.

From the first moment they met, Cyrano fell in love with the beautiful Roxane, but through her confession, he learned that her weak little heart was only for Christian, a stupid, handsome but empty fool. But still Cyrano decided to use his pen to help Christian win the heart of that dream girl…

Although love, despair, and heartbreak are the dominant emotions that guide the play, it is undeniable that Cyrano awakens in each person the beauty of love, enthusiasm, and passion. drunkenness germinated from there. Perhaps that is why the work becomes eternal.

The beauty of the play is hidden in the unique costumes designed by Christian Lacroix and especially in the splendid, majestic stage decorations by Eric Ruf – perhaps one of the many installations. most impressive in the history of the Comédie-Française drama theater. It is impossible not to mention the impressive scenes such as the images of the balconies, the wonderful journey to the Moon, the battle of Arras with the deep blue horizon. And, the “pure” artistic quality of the play is also displayed with pain and death, illustrated by the image of red pieces of paper floating around the auditorium…

The success of Cyrano clearly shows the talent of Denis Podalydès, a versatile artist: film actor, director, screenwriter, writer and member of the French drama theater Comédie-Française. He has won many major awards in his career: the Golden Star award for the male lead role in the film “Dieu seul me voit” and the Molière award for the work “Le Revizor”.

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