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Newsexclusive.net would like to introduce to you a Workshop covering forms of movement, energy principles exploited from different Asian techniques such as Aikido, sword/stick training, pressing. acupressure, plastic injection and breathing techniques (plasticity, qigong, qi principles), as well as physical activities such as Body-Mind Centering, are tailored to each participant’s needs.

The aim is to achieve a smooth and consistent approach to the body, achieve harmony between body and mind, see and strengthen the self, be able to fully express presence and transformation. individual action. This attention to internal input is key to reaching out to your co-stars, to the group, and to the world.

The experiences of these warm-up methods and techniques are then linked to Isabelle Schad’s choreographic practices: Attendees will work together on sketches and related elements of a research section. Her research will be for a new group, perhaps similar to the Collective Jumpe (in collaboration with Laurent Goldring) or simply for each individual. At the same time we also study the concept of subjectivity even in the unified body movements of a group. This unified body can only function as a whole; at the same time it is also a transformative space, understood from the perspective of an event to be enjoyed.

Isabelle Schad studied dance in Stuttgart and collaborated with many choreographers. Since 1999, she has focused on developing personal projects. Schad’s research focus is on the relationship between body and expression; practice as a learning process; community; political engagement. Her works are at the intersection of dance-performance-art and have been featured on many international stages. Isabelle Schad is co-director of a project space in Wiesenburg, Berlin. Her curricula are organized around the world in a variety of formats.

Refer to the excerpt from the dance “Der Bau” (The Hole) performed by her in 2002, inspired by the novel of the same name by writer Franz Kafka:


Dancer, choreographer, actor, philosopher or performer


Please send a letter explaining why you want to participate and your CV by September 7, 2017 to [email protected]

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