A Night with “The twist of the city” By Dark Transquirit

Newsexclusive.net would like to introduce to readers and musical lovers a work of the Dark Transquirit art troupe with a poetic title that is “The twist of the city”
Choreography and Film: Pierre Larauza and Emmanuelle Vincent
Background music: Hamlet Joint and Tennis Mc.Ammis
Pre-recorded music for the movie: Matthieu Ha

Dancers: Emmanuelle Vincent, Ivy Tsui, Pierre Larauza, with the participation of Charles Ngombengombe, Olga Ndaya Larauza and a guest artist in Ho Chi Minh City
Artist: Truong Minh Thy-Nguyen

The dance was performed within the framework of the festival “Contemporary Dance: Meeting Asia-Europe” 2017

Harmoniously combining dance, music and visual arts, the contemporary dance “The twist of the city” ignores the poetic vision of the territory to present a real world with invisible boundaries and boundaries. material. What is a living space and how are we sharing it? How to accept different factors as well as cultural differences? The dancers and musicians in the dance “The twist of the city” will “symbiotically” in transparent air balloons, like the tumors of a modern city, where people are increasingly confined, framed.

With music and choreography that is both wild and delicate, the dance raises issues related to the intersection of cultures and the obstacles to building a beautiful dream world.

Performed in Vietnam for the first time, this special version of the dance “The twist of the city” is the result of a collaboration between the Franco-Belgian art troupe Dark Transquirit and rap star SUBOI – she also will participate in a special performance of this dance in Ho Chi Minh City.

Dark Transquirit art troupe was founded in 2003 in Hong Kong from a meeting between visual artist Pierre Larauza and choreographer Emmanuelle Vincent. The two artists have worked together, combining dance, architecture and cinema into each play, each shot. They live and write in Brussels and bring their works to the world.

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